Categories – Sápmi Awards 2014

The winner in each category in Sápmi Awards will be awarded 100 000 SEK in prize money and honor. To win the Sápmi Awards you need creativity and innovation according to- and with respect for the sami tradition and the entirety. In addition the winner has to be at their best when it matters because the final is determinate in front of a live audience at the Sápmi Awards. To find the winners, there are both general and specific criteria.

The nominees must:

  • Work creative and innovative in harmony and respect for sami traditions and the entirety
  • Ensure gender equality where women and men have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities in all important areas of life
  • Possess the entrepreneur properties and promotes diversity, ethics and morality in the work.
100 000 SEK to the best chef in Sápmi

Sáme biebbmo ja máhttudahka
Biebmodáidda ja máhttu
Saemien tjiehpiebeapmoe jih maahtoeh
Sámi cuisine and knowledge

Sámi chefs, food creators and sámi restaurants from all over Sápmi are challenged to show their skills in handling, presenting and cooking traditional sámi food products in an innovative, tasteful and attractive way.


  • The nominee/contestant must be a sámi chef and/food creator or have a permanent job in a sámi restaurant.
  • The nominee/contestant has, for at least two years, worked and/or has a suitable education.
  • The jury's evaluation is based upon professional cooking with natural ingredients without food additives, ability to work efficiently from an environmental and economic conditions, consciousness about the environment and regarding the sámi culture both in tradition and innovativeness.
  • During the final good flavor has a given position in the judgment. The basis for the jury and peoples votes will be what is presented on the plate. Texture, taste and composition will be evaluated.

The Biebmodáidda ja máhttu/Sáme biebbmo ja máhttudahka-award is coordinated by Slow Food Sápmi.

Honor and 100 000 SEK to the most skilful female reindeer herder in Sápmi

Tjiehpes räjnárnissun
Čeahpes nisson boazobargi
Maehteles båatsoe nyjsenäjja
Skillful female reindeer herder

With ethics and good morality you can get far. Good knowledge about reindeer herding, commitment and understanding for the animals along with knowledge about grazing conditions and lands can decide the winner of the category. 

  • The nominee must be a woman.
  • The reindeer herders interest and commitment for his/her work, and the care of animals is good and that the reindeer herder without doubt can put the animal's wellbeing prior to his/her own comfort if so needed.
  • Other conditions are; good knowledge how reindeer behave and move on the land, to be able to judge grazing- and snow conditions and knowledge about planning and use of the grazing land to be maintained in a proper way, both in short and a long term perspective.
  • That the reindeer herders maintain good ethics and moral in the Sámi community, how to behave towards others and their property along with good local knowledge about the Sámi communities land and skills to get around in the terrain without motor vehicles is highly valued.
  • Any additional skill that may be considered by the jury includes: The ability to describe a reindeer from the antlers, color and age. Knowledge how you use different parts of the reindeer after it has been slaughtered. Good knowledge in recognizing reindeer ear-markings.

The Čeahpes nisson boazobargi/Tjiehpes räjnárnissun-award organizer is Samij Åhpadusguovdásj/Samernas utbildningscentrum.

Big award to a skilful craftsmen/women in Sápmi

Árbbedábálasj duodje
Árbevirolaš duodji
Traditional duodji

Árbevirolaš duodji is a big award aimed for the Sámi craftsmen/women. Everyone that with skill and aesthetics completes work with a clear traditional Sámi cultural connection can be nominated. The person should be operating within his/her field and be able to exhibit produced work at a possible final.


  • The judgment is based on the work's skillfulness, aesthetic and clear connection to the Sámi culture.
  • The jury will also consider the main focus within the field and the background to the practice; education or otherwise acquired knowledge.
  • The nominess should have had at least one official fair, exhibition or show  - possible a separate exhibition held within the last years.
  • Other activities within the field are considered, for example teaching, supervision or other ways of sharing knowledge as well as other awards and a Sámi background.

The Árbevirolaš duodji/Árbbedábálasj duodje-award organizer is Sameslöjdstiftelsen, Sámi Duodji (Sámi handicraft association).