Welcome to Sápmi Awards

When the nights are the brightest we will gather to inspire and to be inspired, share experiences and celebrate the Sámi culture. Two days and nights will be filled with interesting lectures, workshops, seminars, design exhibitions as well as activities for children and competitions. There will also be exciting finals when the Sápmi Awards are awarded. On top of this there will be good food and music entertaining next to the party area on the Dálvvadisjaure beach. Together we are creating an event that will be seen and heard far outside Sápmi. 

Welcome to this summer biggest Sámi meeting place! 

Entry and opening hours

Daytime: 10:00-17:00

Evenings: Friday 19:30-02:00 and Saturday 21-02

Entrance fee to the festival site during Friday and Saturday evenings is 300 SEK/day. Entrance fee is 250 SEK for those who have booked dinner tickets. Entrance tickets are paid at the gate or daytime (Thursday-Saturday) at Hotel Jokkmokk. The festival area opens 19:30 on Friday and 21:00 for those who are'nt dinner guests. 

You can buy a weekend ticket for both Friday and Saturday for 500 SEK.

Youth 15-17 years old pay 150 SEK/evening accompanied by an adult. 

Children under 14 years have free entry accompanied by an adult. 

You must be 18 years to enter the restaurant during the evenings. The other gala area is open for everybody. 

No etrance fee during daytime.

Buffet dinner and gala dinner

On Friday restaurant Ájtte serves a buffet dinner in the tent. The price is 300 SEK + entrance 250 SEK. Tickets for the dinner purchased and paid for in advance at Restaurant Ájtte Kyrkogatan 3, +46 70-626 35 06. There is also possible to buy food tickets at the gate or daytime (Friday) in the tent at the festival site if vacancies exist.

During Saturday we served a grand gala dinner. The price of 700 SEK and includes a three course meal, wine, beer or non-alcoholic alternative. Tickets for the dinner purchased and paid for in advance at Restaurant Ájtte Kyrkogatan 3, +46 70 626 35 06. Entrance fee (250 SEK) can be paid at the gate or during the day (Friday-Saturday) in the tent at the festival site. More information about Restaurant Ájtte: www.ajtte.se

Throughout the weekend there will be both food and refreshments for sale in the area and in the dining tent.


If you have questions or concerns about accommodation, please contact:

Jokkmokk Tourist Information
Phone: +46 (0) 971-22250
E-mail: info@destinationjokkmokk.se


There are nice prices on accommodation during the gala weekend.

Hotell Gästis

Hotels Gästis is influenced by personal taste and is a perfect family hotel. The hotel has 50 beds for in single and double rooms. All rooms are equipped with shower, TV and Internet access.

Single room with breakfast 1.370 SEK/person/night
Double room with breakfast per person 895 SEK/night (1.790 SEK/double room)

Use booking code "Sápmi Awards" to receive the offered price. 

Visit www.hotell-gastis.com or telephone +46 (0) 971-100 12.

Hotel Jokkmokk

Hotel Jokkmokk with 89 rooms and 150 beds is beautifully located by the lake of Talvatis and close to the centre of Jokkmokk town. During Sápmi Awards they have special prices on accomodation:

Price/person in double room including breakfast, 895 SEK/person/night (1.790 SEK/double room)
Price/person in single room including breakfast, 1.370 SEK/person/night

Use booking code "Sápmi Awards" to receive the offered price. Price also includes entry to the awards weekend. All prices include 12% VAT. www.hoteljokkmokk.se or tel +46 (0)971-777 00.

Villa Åsgård

Villa Asgard is located on a hill in the middle of Jokkmokk. Here you can rest and eat in a cosy environment during the gala.

Single room 480 SEK/night
Double room 700 SEK/night
3-bed room 1.050 SEK/night

Bed linen 70 SEK/bed including towels (own linen is ok but sleeping bags is not allowed). Breakfast 80 SEK/person. Access to kitchen.
www.villaasgard.se or phone +46 (0)70-366 46 45.

Jokkmokk Camping Center offers discount prices

During Sapmi Awards , they offer a 15% discount on accommodation and campsites. Booking code: Sapmi Awards 2014. Jokkmokk Camping Center is a splendid resort, beautifully situated at Notudden, by the Lilla Lule River, some three kilometres from Jokkmokk.

Regular prices Jokkmokk Camping Center from June to August 2014

2 bed cottages 400 SEK/night
4 bed cottages 970 SEK/night
6 bed cottages 1.120 SEK/night
6 bed cottages (2 bedrooms) 1.600 SEK/night
8 bed cottages (2 bedrooms, no shower) 1.245 SEK/night
8 bed cottages (2 bedrooms, sauna) 1.845 SEK/night
10 bed cottages (3 bedrooms, sauna) 1.945 SEK/night
VIP cottage (1 bedroom, loft and sauna) 2.325 SEK/night
Caravan site with electricity 255 SEK/night
Caravan site without electricity    215 SEK/night
Tent site car 215/night
Tent site walkers 175 SEK/night

Visit www.jokkmokkcampingcenter.com och make an phone call to +46 (0)971-123 70